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  •   I really enjoy the design work he's incorporated into my website.

    Michelle B.

      James Muncy at Ohio Office Works Ltd. is designing my website for my artwork. So far its going great

    Cornell B.

      my website James designed was exactly what I was looking for. Even more so, the marketing service ohio office works provided helped my business tremendously

    Gary T.
  •   James with Ohio Office Works Ltd was amazing to work with. Very affordable for a small business & just a great experience

    Jay S.

      I had James make me a website at first then he discussed the need for marketing afterward to actually bring in traffic to my site to raise sales. It really worked great for my business.

    Derrick L.

      Very professional freelance web designer

    Jeff M.
  •   Ohio Office Works Ltd. designed a beautiful website for my business here in Newark, Ohio. It was a very good service for the price.

    Berry W.

      James was very professional & not only the design of my website but, how much the marketing helped my business was fantastic! I would recommend Ohio Office Works Ltd. to any small business

    Jason D.

      James designed my website for my power washing, home maintenance business here in Newark, Ohio. It came out great! Always nice working with someone with knowledge & professionalism. if I ever need updates to my website I'll be sure to use Ohio Office Works for all my website & marketing needs.

    Dean Reinbold
  •   I was in need of a web and marketing company for my new medical office in Newark, Ohio. I was so pleased to work with James Muncy with, Ohio Office Works Ltd. The pricing was definitely affordable, his explanation of website design and, internet marketing was so simple to understand. We just collaborated perfectly on my project. I was also glad it was a local company in Newark so, we could get together & meet in person. Excellent design of my website & thanks again Ohio Office Works Ltd. for helping me with my web needs.

    jasmin picket

      Ohio Office Works Ltd. Website Design Development has created an experience for my customers like no other web designer could. Thank you for building my brand Ohio Office Works Ltd. I love the E- Commerce Website you have designed for my small business.

    Travis Gamble

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Ohio Office Works Ltd. Website Design & Internet Marketing 2018

Build A Website That Works For Your Business. In order for your small business to reap the benefits of being online, there are some key factors that must be included to optimize your small business presence.

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Website Design

Of course to have a major presence online, you must have a website to represent your business/ organization. Think of your website design as the hub, for your small business or organization.

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Website Content Management/ Content Creation

Websites nowadays need to have thorough content explaining that business & their relation to their industry. The content you place on your business website, each photo/ graphic, link & most importantly, text content on your website is key to referencing your business website to search engines & directories. Your website design is continuously being scanned by these search engines &, directories to basically rate your website & business content to your specific industry. All to see if your more thorough about your business than your competitors.

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Responsive/ Dynamic Website Designs

The web design must be responsive to devices. (auto- formats size resolution to different devices) This helps the user, in your case as a business owner- your customer, to find the content on your website design easier so, they can find what they’re looking for. Each Website Designed by Ohio Office Works Ltd., includes a mobile responsive/ dynamic, web design for your business website.

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Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) has to be incorporated on your website as well as, off of your website (called back links- these external links from search engines/ directories & social media, are another outlet for your small business to be recognized & indexed by search engines.) Ultimately giving your small business & your website design more credibility to achieve a higher ranking over your competitors. Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) alone includes a lot of detailed oriented tasks that must be associated within the design/ development of your website. This can be referenced into the “on- site S.E.O.” Click here for more information on Search Engine Optimization for your website design.

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Professionally Designed Logo/ Graphic Designs

It always helps the design of your website & visual appeal of your brand to have a well optimized business logo design. If you currently do not have a professionally designed logo for your small business, we offer professional business logo design as one of our small business solutions for your company. Click here for more information on obtaining a professionally designed logo or, graphic design project for your small business website.

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Internet Marketing Services

Internet marketing or, online marketing is best described as a variety of strategies used for promotional purposes. Whether it is your small business, organization, or educational institute. These sectors specifically can greatly benefit from Internet marketing services. Sponsored or, paid advertisements, Search engine marketing (S.E.M.), Social media marketing, search engine optimization, direct search engine submissions, business listings/ link building site citations all, can be considered online marketing strategy options. Need help deciphering what all this means? Click here for more information or click here to get in touch with an internet marketing specialist now.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing includes using social media platforms for promotional purposes. Some examples of social media will include: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn. Do you need help with your managing your social media accounts? We know, it can be a bit much with all the accounts & there’s just so much at once. Let us help. Click here for more information on Social Media Marketing or, Click here to get in contact with a social media marketer to help build your businesses brand online.

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Direct Search Engine Submissions

Direct search engine submissions is the process of submitting exact links or, URL’s to search engines on a set schedule to directly inform the search engines or directories of new or, up to date information contained within the links. All to take a proactive approach in your web development & marketing project.

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Business Listings/ Link Building Site Citations

Link building site citations or, business listings act as a indirect way for you & your small business to be found at the right time & at the right place when potential customers are in search of your products or services. Have questions about Business Listings/ Link Building Site Citations? Call now & we’ll be more than happy to assist you further.

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